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Multimethod Supply Chain Optimization Software

AnyLogistix (ALX™) is the only multimethod software for supply chain network design, analysis, and optimization. ALX™ combines traditional analytical optimization approaches together with innovative simulation technologies offering six powerful methods that coincide to describe your supply chain with a greater level of detail. This approach empowers you with the tools for a more comprehensive analysis to give you a competitive edge with your supply chain optimization.
anyLogistix simulation technology is powered by AnyLogic, the industry leading multimethod modeling software that is the corporate standard for simulation and modeling in many Fortune 500 companies.


Why Multimethod?

There are two ways to address supply chain problems – analytical or simulation modeling. Let us consider those technologies and methods they employ in a bit more details

Analytical Methods Simulation Modeling Methods
Using analytical methods to model your supply chain will work, but do not tell the whole story. You will use formulas, equations and proprietary methodologies to get quick results, but will have to make assumptions and generalizations on many details that make your supply chain unique because they cannot be accurately represented. Simulation modeling methods allow you to consider all of the details and specific traits of your supply chain elements. Not only will you be able to visualize network operations but also trace every process inside. However, this requires the simulation modeling software to be powerful enough to easily model and simulate supply chains.
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So which method should you choose?
The answer is both!
As you can see both methods have their advantage and disadvantage but they actually complement each other as the results produced by analytical methods can be used as the first approximation for optimization over a simulation model.
With anyLogistix, you do not need to decide between the methods as you may use both of them depending on the supply chain problem you address. All this enables you to gain deeper insights into your supply chain than is not possible with traditional software solutions.

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Six methods of supply chain description and work flow with  anyLogistix


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