Stair Design to Measure

laiptai_suktiStairDesigner is a polyvalent straight, helicoidal, and balanced stair design software, used in the wood, marble, stone, and metal industries.

StairDesigner allows a quick stairway parameters entry. Its Help and Control Function checks the Riser Height, Tread Length, and Stair Rule parameters (Blondel’s law), and helps reaching the stair compliance.


StairDesigner is based on the Boole & Partners exclusive Global Balancing Function, which summarizes major balancing theories, and calculates «S-shaped» stairs, cut-off corners stairs, English styled stairs, and rounded stairs, and also optimizes concrete stairs coverage (StairDesigner-Pro_RB).

StairDesigner calculates all the stair components : steps, risers, stringboards, racks, straws, poles, handrails and banisters, which may be printed, plotted in a scale 1/1 (jigs), or exported in DXF format.

The StairDesigner 3D integrated function (colors, textures, and transparency levels) displays the stair in various 3D views.


Main Features

Help and Control Function:
StairDesigner controls each of the Riser Height, the Tread Length, and the Stair Rule vis-a-vis [Min – Max] intervals.
When the stair values comply with the [Min – Max] control intervals (default values as per contra), StairDesigner displays a green signal.


Global Balancing Function:
Once the stairway is defined, StairDesigner calculates a stair global balancing. All steps are balanced by default, but each step’s postion may be moved individually: StairDesigner will then automatically recalculate the stair balancing.


“S shaped” Stairs:
StairDesigner is able to design up to 7 flights stairs. Each flight is determined by its dimensions, and its angle with the previous flight.
StairDesigner flights may be defined with an either left or right rotation, enabling “S-shaped” stairs design.

English style Stairs :
In the case of an “English style stair” (without stringboards), StairDesigner calculates the banisters positions directly in the steps.
StairDesigner takes into account the front and rear distances to the step nose, as well as the maximum empty space between two banisters, in order to reach the most homogeneous distribution.


Rounded Stairs:
When successive flights are joined with arcs, StairDesigner calculates all the corresponding rounded shapes.
This StairDesigner feature enables winding stairs design.


Scale 1:1 Jigs :
StairDesigner prints scale 1/1 jigs of all the stair components. The printing function adapts itselfs to each printer size, and uses as many pages as necessary to complete the jig.


Roll plotter enable uninterrupted stringboards jigs printouts.

DXF Exports:
StairDesigner exports the stair globally in DXF 3D_Face format, and piece by piece (with toolings) in DXF 2D format.
The DXF 2D export function may either export the all stair pieces in the same file, or export one single piece per file.


3D Function:
As a complement to StairDesigner’s built-in 3D function, with its predefined 3D views, and its zoom and rotation tools, the StairDesigner’s DXF 3D_Face export function is compatible with most CAD software.



StairDesigner is available in several versions, offering increasing performances:

– SD-Std: Standard version, limited to A4 printouts.
– SD-Pro: Professional version. This version prints scale 1/1 jigs, and adapts itself to the printer size.
– SD-Pro_DXF: Offers all the Pro version features, and generates DXF manufacturing files, as well as DXF 3D_Face files.
– SD-Pro_RB: This version is specific to concrete stairs coverage. It offers all the Pro_DXF version features, and optimizes the stair existing concrete modifications.



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