IBN – International Business Network – is a privately owned Lithuanian company, which assists companies considering to succeed in Lithuania, providing business development and consulting services to foreign and local companies.

We are concentrating activities in establishing relations with Western companies that seek representation in Lithuania and want to enter Lithuania and neighboring markets with IBN assistance or plan to open office here.
Of special interest are companies that can offer innovative products, computer software, hi-tech, consumer and other goods. We are interested in participating in EU Structural Funds, Framework 7, STREP and other  projects as a poslocal partner or consultant. With our support and expertise today – including representation, market research, advertising and promotion your company’s products and services – you can expand your business into this growing European marketplace.

Companies that would like to have an representation office (central location in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, 1-st floor, all office equipment,  internet,  nearby – conference and seminar facilities) for business start are welcome.

Also we offer:

– Locating of business partners
– Market researches
– Arranging meetings, interpretation and translation services
– Assistance in making business contacts and follow-up on them
– Conference and seminar facilities (for up to 20 – 25 people

We have more than ten years of experience working closely with the Lithuanian market – as the only Lithuanian representative of an American company, the International Executive Service Corps (IESC). From 1992 to 2000, under the auspices of IESC, we provided technical and managerial assistance to more than 150 Lithuanian companies, both large and medium-size.

Some completed market researches, studies and projects:

– Exporter Guide. Lithuania (Agricultural and Food products);
– EU SF project “Science. Scientists. Society”;
– Market of Translation Services in Lithuania;
Radio Stations and their coverage in Lithuania;
– Publishing and Distribution market in Lithuania;
– Outsorcing in Lithuania (metal and plastic products);
– Food and Agricultural Import Regulation and Standards Report;
– Development of the Lithuanian Electronic Health Services Infostructure (EU Structural Funds project at Ministry of Health, with partners);
Energy and Construction Sectors;
– Electronics Sector of Lithuania;
– Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers of Lithuania;

– Research study on the U.S. market for lithuanian vodka;
– Automotive glass market in USA;
– Hardboard market in USA and Canada;
and others.

Also please check section of our web site ‘Economical Reports’ for Reports of Economical and Political developments in Lithuania (issued regularly, every 6 weeks).

Our credentials include:

– An extensive and up-to-date knowledge of Lithuanian market
– Fully equipped office including local area computer network, means of communications and office cars
– Contact network in public and private sectors
– Skills in business development and export – import promotion
– Experience working with foreign parties
– Business languages: English, Lithuanian and Russian

Clients of Business Development Services:

– Jungtine Brokeriu kontora: Brokerage company
– Alna: IT company
– Graztai: drills manufacturer
– Sintagma: IT company
– Vilfima: Brokerage company
– Nauju Technologiju Laboratorija: IT company
– Vilniaus degtinė: alcoholic beverage manufacturer
– Agricultural Department of U.S. Embassy (Poland)
– Mitsubishi Corporation (Japan)
– PC World (USA)
– DNS, Inc. (USA)
– Defcar Naval Engineers(Spain)
– Ceres Systems (UK)
– Easy Link Business Services (Czech Republic)
– Applied Software Consultants (Slovak Republic)
– XJ Technologies (Russia)
– PMR Consulting (Poland)
– DGA (Poland)
– MARKETin CEE (Slovak Republic)
– Centre for Global Business Services (USA)
– Inter Technologies (USA)
… and many others