Back  Imports of lessons in the case of a higher education institution

The situation at our educational institution is as follows:

– There are many student groups, and lectures can be held for one group or jointly, for several groups (two to four). And there are seminars that can be either for one group or two groups, in the same classroom and with one lecturer.
– Some lecturers are teaching only in local language, and some – both in local and English.
– Weekdays of lectures are set by the Dean’s office.
– When assigning lecturers and classrooms to the group, they must remain the same throughout the semester.

You can create such a data table and import it into the program aSc Timetables:


Note: All data will be imported into the program – teachers, subjects, groups, classrooms, number and length of lectures and classes, and relevant lesson cards will be created. It will also be set that the lectures can only take place on certain weekdays, as in this example, only on Mondays or Wednesdays.

If there are other limitations, for example, lectures can only take place in the morning, you can enter them on the lecturers’ or subjects’ Time off tables. You can also enter various constraints and relationships, for example, that activities in different languages can not be conducted on the same day, lectures must precede classes, and similar.

After that, test entered data and run an automatic timetable generation.

Program will place lesson cards into the timetable:

Yet with many windows, because only few lessons were imported.