Atgal  Is it possible to enter classrooms if the timetable is already made without classrooms


Yes. Enter information of the classrooms in the program (Specification, Classrooms), and specify classrooms in Teachers, Subjects, Classes or Lessons windows.

Then select the “Specification” menu and click on the “Change” icon.

Select needed subjects, classes, teachers.

Choose “Change Classrooms”, “Add”, and press “Change” button.


Select “Timetable”, “Assign Classrooms”:


Note: white bar on the right of lesson card indicates that classroom is not yet assigned for that lesson.

Classrooms will be added into timetable.

Similarly it is possible to add only some types of classrooms – e.g. class home classrooms, or teachers‘ classrooms.

You can replace already entered classrooms too. For example, teacher’s John lessons were in the classroom No. 205, but now it is being refitted, and lessons have to be moved to No. 207.

In this case in above window in step 4 you have to choose not “Add” but “Replace”.

Note: This change will apply only to already entered lessons, but not to those that you will enter into the program later.