Back  Is the program suitable for timetable where individual students make their picks


Yes, it is. This option is called “Seminars” (accessible via menu “Specification, “Students/Seminars”). Here you can enter individual students and their picks.

The lessons are entered the same way as usual lessons, just it is necessary to indicate that lesson is “seminar”.

Also you may look at the examples included in the program as demo files that use this feature: Lithuania1.roz, Gymnazium.roz, demo3.roz.

Note: In aSc Timetables Standard version it is necessary to assign students to seminar groups manually or by pressing button “Assign students to seminars”. Then this choice is fixed and students will not be changed between seminar groups during generation of the timetable.

In aSc Timetables Pro version program can move students between seminar groups thus making timetable with less windows for students.


Another way to create a timetable where students can pick courses is to enter subjects that can take place simultaneously, e.g. subjects Chem_Bio_Phys, Eng_Germ_Fr, assign them several teachers and the required number of classrooms.