IBN is concentrating its activities in establishing relations with Western companies that seek representation in Lithuania and want to enter Lithuania and neighboring markets with IBN assistance. We are looking for companies that have innovative products and services and would like to access markets of Baltic States and Russia.

We already work with  Centre for Global Business Services (USA),  Applied Software Consultants (Slovak Republic), EasyLink (Czech Republic), Mitsubishi Corporation (Japan), PMR Consulting (Poland), AnyLogic Company (USA), Boole & Partners (France), DEFCAR (Spain), and are interested in establishing contacts with other companies interested in this fast growing market.

European Union Structural Funds projects

We are looking for opportunities of partnership in of EU Structural Funds projects.

We participated in EU SF projects “Science. Scientists. Society”, “Science for Business and Society”, “Embedded Systems”.

Business Development Services

– Providing Lithuanian representation for foreign and multinational companies

– Participation in EU Structural Funds projects

– Export – import promotion, distributorship

– Software localization, supply and consulting, preparation of user’s guides

– Market Research

– Providing up-to-date information on the Lithuanian economy, politics, legal issues and commercial practices (in the section “Economical Reports” there are reports on recent political and economical developments in Lithuania prepared by IBN)

– Locating of business partners, facilitation of business contacts

– Accommodations and transportation, translation and interpreting