We represent Slovakian software company Applied Software Consultants s.r.o., developer of the timetabling software aSc Timetables.

aSc_TT_screenThis Timetables program can be used in schools that have week or multi-week timetables, also which have two shifts.

Program languages, include: Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian.

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Program handles these tasks:

  • Entering basic data: forms, teachers, classrooms, subjects, lessons (cards), days of school week, bells etc.
  • Defining timetable constraints: time availability of resources (form, teacher, classroom, subject), card relationships (evenly distribution, following of subjects, …), various teacher/form related limits (windows, exhaustion, lunch breaks, …) and many more.
  • Generating of timetable: Program contains powerful automatic generator algorithm. It can generate your timetable in few minutes without leaving any unset card. You can then improve your constraints to create even better timetable. If it is not possible to create timetable, program contains set of testing tools which can help you find problem, whether you have made some mistake in inputting data or you have too restrictive constraints. You can also do some changes in timetable by hand.
  • Maintaining timetable through school year: with Timetables Online you can publish timetable, make substitutions, also export timetables to MS Excel or html format.

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            Screenshot of the program in Latvian language: (click to enlarge)



Program manual: Manual of Timetables Program


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aSc Timetables Standard:
– automatic generator
– multilicense for all school computers
– 2 years maintenance (upgrades, new registration codes)
– Timetables Online 2 years
199 EUR

– Optional: technical support (answers to questions that arise during work with the program, by email, in english)  – 149 EUR/year

After two years – 99 EUR yearly maintenance fee

Note:  Prices exclude VAT tax that may be applicable.

Minimal requirements for PC

– IBM PC compatible computer, recommended with Dual Core or Multi Core processor, 8 MB or more RAM, hard disk with ~ 100 MB free space and SVGA or better monitor.
Note: Timetable generation speed mostly depend on processor speed and less on memory size and other PC characteristics, so if timetable is more complex, it is recommended to choose a computer with a clock speed of at least 2 GHz or higher, and preferably with a multi-core processor.
– Windows operating system: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.
Note: Linux and MAC iOS are not supported.

aSc Timetables Online:

– exports timetable directly from aSC Timetables program to school Web page on edupage.org server (no installation and maintenence required)
– up-to-date timetable instantly available to teachers, students and their parents
– export of timetables in Excel or html formats
online backup storage
More information

Purchase procedure:
– after buyer sends us an order with payer and user information by email, we will send invoice for the program (we need name of the school, address, company code and VAT code, if school/payer has it);
– after payment we will email program registration code that will unlock not registered program into fully functional program.

Please contact by email: office@ibn.lt