Data entry
arrow1 1. We have lists of teachers, classes, and classrooms in the computer. Is it possible to use these lists instead of entering data by the keyboard?
arrow1 2. How to import lists of teachers, subjects, classrooms, classes from text (Word, Open Office Writer) or Excel (Open Office Calc) files
arrow1 3. How to import the students’ courses (seminars) selection into the program
arrow1 4. Can we import data from the Mimoza program into the aSc Timetables program
arrow1 5. Is it possible to enter classrooms if the timetable is already made without classrooms
arrow1 6. Is it possible to indicate the working days and hours for the part-time teachers
arrow1 7. Could classrooms be assigned to certain categories


General questions / Placement of lessons’ cards into the timetable
arrow1 1. Is it possible to create a timetable if school works in two shifts
arrow1 2. How to assign classrooms to teachers, not classes
arrow1 3. How to specify that in one classroom several classes or several groups of different classes have lesson at the same time
arrow1 4. How to make that groups of class to have lessons at the same time
arrow1 5. How to specify that, for example, mathematics would never be the last lesson, or would be last only once a week
arrow1 6. How to make the program to create some windows for classes
arrow1 7. There is a two hours long (double) math lesson, and we do not want it to happen on Friday. How to do it?
arrow1 8. We would like that some subjects take place one after the other in the parallel classes. For example, the first lesson in class 9A is physics, while at the same time class 9B has chemistry, and then the second lesson for 9A is chemistry and for 9B – physics. It is convenient if we need to make two hours long tests or exams – then we do not need to change the timetable
arrow1 9. How to make the lessons of certain discipline is always last, for example, if this discipline is optional, and after this lesson there should be no more basic lessons on that day
arrow1 10. How to make the program first check whether a certain classroom is free, and assign lesson to this classroom. If it is busy, then program should select other classroom from the list of other possible classrooms.
arrow1 11. How to do that some lessons with a 2-week cycle always take place at the same time (for example one week Physics laboratory, second week – Chemistry laboratory)
arrow1 12. How to make lessons of some subject occur in the same day in the parallel classes
arrow1 13. Teachers could switch between different buildings only once a day, at one of the lessons (for example, only during 5th lesson, or lunch break)
arrow1 14. Program constantly puts lesson of history as the first lesson for class 8A. How to avoid such situation?
arrow1 15. How to enter the window before the lesson: for example, a Physical Education lesson takes place in a stadium that is far from the main building and it takes time to get there
arrow1 16. How to make some lessons taught by part-time teachers on the same day for parallel classes. For example, the lessons of Music for all classes of 8th grade should be on the same day.
arrow1 17. How to make lessons of some subjects to take place on different days. For example, an English teacher teaches 7th and 8th grades. It is necessary that one day the lessons were for 7th grade only (i.e. classes 7A, 7B, 7C, etc.), and lessons for 8th grade – on the other day.
arrow1 18. How to determine that a lesson of a particular subject could only take place on a particular day. For example: Chemistry for 8th and 9th grades only on Wednesday.
arrow1 19. Physical education for 8th grade classes must be at the same time as for 9th grade classes
arrow1 20. It is necessary that the swimming lessons do not take place simultaneously for 7th and 8th grades
arrow1 21. How to make that one class does not outrun other class by some subject lessons
arrow1 22. Can we set that double lessons can start only on odd lessons (e.g. two hours long Mathematics can start only on 1st, 3rd or 5th lesson)
arrow1 23. Lessons of Mathematics can be only before lessons of Physical Education
arrow1 24. Can lessons of Physical Education in the sports hall and stadium take place on different days
arrow1 25. Is it possible to make that lessons of some subjects for parallel classes were on the same day
arrow1 26. Informatics lessons are of 1 hour (single lesson) and 2 hours (double lesson) duration. How to make double lessons only on Tuesday and Wednesday.
arrow1 27. There is one Design lesson per week, and it needs to be on the same day for all classes
arrow1 28. How to make that two classes finish lessons at the same time
arrow1 29. It is required that for classes 8A and 8B mathematics would either be on the same day or on two consecutive days
arrow1 30. How to make that lessons of geometry and algebra, or physical education and music were not on the same day
arrow1 31. It is necessary that teacher always has the first lesson on Mondays
arrow1 32. Is it possible automatically create a window for a teacher after a certain lesson
arrow1 33. Every Monday, teachers’ meeting takes place
arrow1 34. How to make that lessons of music happen only on Fridays, the second half of the day
arrow1 36. How to indicate that elective (not obligatory) subjects should be at the beginning or end of a day, and that compulsory lessons should have a strictly defined number per day
arrow1 37. Teacher must remain in the same classroom during the day

COVID-19 cases

arrow1 38_. We need that class after lunch would have the same lesson as before lunch
arrow1 39_. Primary school pupil have different bell times than secondary school pupil
arrow1 40_.  Lessons for different classes start with 15 minutes difference (“cascade” type timetable)
arrow1 41_.  “Cascade” type timetable (solution 2)



Viewing / Printing
arrow1 1. How to make in the class one day timetable that weekdays were in the rows, and classes – in the columns (or vice versa)
arrow1 2. How to make the program to assign sports hall to no more than 2 classes for one lesson
arrow1 3. Can I print the timetable in Adobe Reader (pdf) format and put it on the Internet or send by e-mail
arrow1 4. Is it possible to print individual timetables for students
arrow1 5. Our college teachers are called lecturers, classes are called groups, classrooms – auditoriums, also there are some other changes to the terms. Can relevant changes be made in the program?
arrow1 6. Is it possible to print a timetable for one group of the class

Students’ picks (profiled education)
arrow1 1. Is the program suitable for timetable where individual students make their picks
arrow1 2. What are the tips for creating a timetable with students’ picks
arrow1 3. How to enter seminars into the program
arrow1 4. Can I import student picks into aSc Timetables program
arrow1 5. Imports of lessons in the case of a higher education institution